Gurez Valley

Embraced by the majestic Himalayan mountains, Gurez Valley is one of India’s least explored yet most beautiful regions. Nestled in the northernmost state of Jammu and Kashmir, this offbeat destination is an untouched paradise waiting to be discovered. This ultimate travel guide unravels the magic and mystery of Gurez Valley, taking you on a virtual tour through its spectacular landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. If Kashmir is the paradisiacal crown of India, then Gurez Valley is the most precious jewel in that crown. Forbidden for many years owing to its proximity to the Line of Control, the remote valley has now opened up to emerge as one of the most safe and peaceful places in the entire Kashmir valley. For many, this untouched region is perhaps the most beautiful of all in Kashmir. Inhabited by the forgotten Dard-Shin people who have a distinct cultural identity, similar to their kinsmen in Gilgit-Baltistan, the valleys of Gurez, Tulail, Bagtore and Izmarg are dotted with ancient villages set amidst breathtaking landscapes. This curated trip explores the unseen beauty of Gurez and offers handpicked local experiences in this magical place. An offbeat experience of a lifetime, think of this Gurez Valley tour as a journey to an enchanting fairyland, cozily hidden among the high mountains.



The Gurez Valley is a scenic natural landscape in Jammu & Kashmir, 123 km towards the north of Srinagar. It is a rich landscape full of green meadows, snow-adorned hills, and flowing water from the river. When considering a nature retreat in Kashmir, people often think about the Gurez Valley. It is one of the most day trip destination from Srinagar. Situated at an altitude of 2400 meters above sea level- the weather here is always pleasant. Villages are also scattered around the valley, giving visitors insight into the challenging but tranquil lives of locals. The valley also has plenty of stay options such as resorts and hotels in and around the valley. The location is the ultimate destination for Instagram-worthy shots, peaceful picnics, and trekking expeditions.

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